Get to know the ultimate solution for the digital transformation of corporate governance.

Find out why councils and collegiate bodies in top organizations in Brazil adopted Atlas as their governance system.


Benner registers 90% improvement in document organization with Atlas Governance

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Forluz adopts digital Governance tool

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APAS adopts Atlas Governance

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What to expect in this demonstration:

For governance coordinators:

  • How Atlas can help you in the agility of meeting creation and ensure the effectiveness of meetings by centralizing the management of calendars and distribution of materials to advisors.
  • Cyber Security: how to ensure in board meetings. And the integrity of information, avoiding the risk of leaks.
  • How to save time with meeting minutes, with a predefined template provided by the system.

For advisors:

  • How to get instant access to any information, on any device, anywhere
  • Ensure accesss to updated materials.
  • Indexing and searching 100% of any content (the "Google" for your council).
  • Follow-up of the execution of council decisions.