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Conozca la solución definitiva para la transformación digital del gobierno corporativo.

Sepa porqué los consejos y colegiados de las principales organizaciones de Brasil adoptaron el sistema de gobierno Atlas Governance.


Benner informa una mejora del 90% en la organización de documentos con Atlas Governance

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Forluz adopta una herramienta digital De gobernanza

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APAS adopta Atlas Governance

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Incluso Invierte en una plataforma de gobierno corporativo

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Sepa porqué los consejos y colegiados de las principales organizaciones de Brasil adoptaron el sistema de gobierno Atlas Governance.


Benner informa una mejora del 90% en la organización de documentos con Atlas Governance

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Forluz adopta una herramienta digital De gobernanza

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APAS adopta Atlas Governance

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Incluso Invierte en una plataforma de gobierno corporativo

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Qué esperar de esta demostración:

Para Coordinadores de Gobierno Corporativo:

  • CheckComo Atlas puede ayudarle en la agilidad de la creación de reuniones y garantizar la efectividad de estas reuniones centralizando la Gestión de calendarios y distribución de materiales a consejeros.
  • CheckCyber Security: como garantizar la seguridad en las reuniones de consejo y la integridad de la información, evitando riesgos de filtración.
  • CheckComo ahorrar tiempo con actas de formato predefinido por el sistema.

Para consejeros:

  • CheckComo obtener acceso instantáneo a cualquier información, en cualquier dispositivo y en cualquier lugar.
  • CheckGarantía de materiales siempre actualizados.
  • CheckIndexación y búsqueda del 100% de cualquier contenido (su “Google” del consejo).
  • CheckSeguimiento de la ejecución de las decisiones del consejo.
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Términos y condiciones de uso

Terms & Conditions

Atlas Governance use terms and conditions

This instrument (Use terms) regulates your interaction with Atlas Governance Tecnologia Ltda. (Society) , juridic person of private laws, registered on CNPJ/MF which number is 25.462.636/0001-86, headquartered in São Paulo City, São Paulo State, on street Pais de Araújo, 29, joint 144, Itaim Bibi, zip code 04.531-940, and form of use of web platform of its own ownership denominated Atlas Governance, its functionalities and associated services (Services) . It is imporatant that you read and understand all the terms and conditions established on these Use Terms.

Atlas Governance is a plataform that offers Services related to data treatement and data warehouse related to communication of the Administrative Council, committees and internal departments (Plataform) associated to the company where you work. (Licensed Company)

  1. Services use

It is compulsory that the Plataform’s user be legally vinculated to the Licensed Company (Users) and possesses individual access, that will be personal and non-transferable. The access will granted through an acceptance of these Use Terms so as to make possible the use and access of the Services, in case the User recognize and accept to compromise with the Use Terms in irrestrict mode.

The user is completly responsible for his behavior while using the Services, he must not act in a form that can cause harm, dificulties, stop or any other ways that put at risk the Services operation or other Users (for instance, hacking, illegal content exhibition, exhibition of protected content by intellectual property or personal data that can possibly infringe the privacy laws of others parts or sending spam messages), accepting to compensate and maintain the Society unscathed of any harm and loss caused by non-observance of the regular use of the Plataform or Services.

The access quality to the Plataform can vary depending on the used equipment, it can also be affected by several other issues, such as localization, internet connection speed and available bandwidth.

The allowed license to the User through the acceptance of the current Use Terms is limited and incurs from a licensing agreement reconized by Society with the Licensed Company, it is unexclusive and non-transferable, it can be revoked at any moment, not depending on prior communication to the User.

The Plataform and its functionalities are work tools from the Licensed Company and intended exclusively to this use. During the Services use, is expressively forbbiden the use of the Services of illegal way, imoral, impertinent, malicious, discriminatory due to race, beliefs, sex, nacionality, sexual orientation or deficiencies or, also, that be of any manner harmful to others (beign physical or juridic people). On the same way, the User stays prohibited to sendspam or other messages not requested or unathorized, to send or to storage data and informations that be illegal, inappropriate, obscenes, that violate the moral and the good customs or that violate other’s rights.

The user must not archive, download, copy, distribute, modify, exhibit, publish, license or create related works, provide, sell or use the Services, also content and obtained information through the Plataform, that consist of an exclusive database of the Licensed Company owner, and its possess confidential in nature.

It is forbidden for the user to evade, remove, change, disable, or harm any of the protections content, use any robot, spider, scraper or others automated ways to look for inappropriate access to the Plataform and its systems, intefere in the Plataform in a way that can make it become non-usable or in order to limitate or cause the Services to become unavailable, decompile, execute reverse engenineering or dismember any software or other products or acessible process, insert any code or product, manipulate the content in any form or use methods ofdata mining, data collection or data extraction.

The user agrees on not to doupload, to publish, to send by email, communicate or transmit in any form any material in order to interrupt, destroy or limitate the Plataform’s funcionalities, also any software, hardware or telecommunications equipments from the Licensed Company owner or from Society that is associated with the Services, including virus of software , code, files or programs.

  1. Privacy Policy

The Society collects and storages only necessary informations for regular use of the Plataform. For this reason, the following informations can be collected:

  1. Informations provided by the Users: during the Services use, will be requested the users basic informations to enable the use of the basic resources of the Plataform
  2. Automatically collected informations: it is kept registers about how the User acess and use the Services,in order to identify the equipment used, the internetfrom the machine, information searched through the Plataform and hitory of all the operations done by the User.

The Society assures the protection of your privacy, by not storing or using personal informations for diverse purposes of those established on these Use Terms.

All the personal information collected and storaged are intended especifically to make possible the functioning, also to assure the integrity and security of the Plataform, with the following goals:

  1. Statistics, use and enhancement of the Services: for maintenance of high quality and confiability of our system, which the purpose is to evaluate data related the use of the Plataform to enable improvements on interface and navigability of the Plataform
  2. Problems solution: to avoid errors, bugsand other forms of bad functioning of the Plataform, will be done registers based on the Users experience.
  3. Software update and development of new functionalities:to keep the User up to date with changes and useful improvements and new functionalities that enable higher efficiency on the Plataform use
  4. Prevention of illegal actions:to prevent, detect and investigate possibily forbidden or illegal activities, including illegal activities fraudulents.

The Society doesn’t sell, share or divulge information to any entity that is not part of its corporative group, unless on the following situations:

  1. In case it happens a corporate restructuring involving the Society, that implies information transference for others. On this situation, the User will be notified immediately about any modification involving your personal informations.
  2. If the User allows that other people to have access to his account, these people can verify personal and account informations, including confidential data of the Licensed Company. The Society is not responsible for inappropriate use of informations that belongs to the Plataform database, on the same way that they be eventually divulged by others because of the User negligence on the protection of those informations, on this case the Licensed Company can be either responsible by these actions.
  3. All the informations that are not considered private or personal, in other words, that not possibilitates the identification or individualization of the information, can be used and divulged by Society for any purpose.

All the data transmitted over electronic means, collected and storaged – for instance password, User name, name, address, phone number etc. – are encrypted by the system.

Although the Society is engaged to avoid the access by others to the User data, through the adoption of the best softwares and anti-hacking techniques, it is impossible to assure a total inviolability.

The user can, at any moment, access his profile to insert, correct, alter or delete personal informations, likewise the password access, what we recommend to do frequently.

  1. Atlas Governance property rights

These Use Terms doesn’t guarantee to the User any right, title or participation on the Plataform, including – but not limiting – the source code, scripts, systems, mathematics codes, interactive resources, interface, diagram,layout, images, logos, texts, brands or other aspects related to the Society (“Intellectual Property Right”).

All the Intellectual Property Rights and technologies used by the Society to provide the Services are protected through appliable laws and can’t be by any manner used or exploited by the User.

In case of being aware of a violation of the Intellectual Property Rights by any person, institution or company (including other Users), we request you contact immediately by e-mail, sending to the following email address: .

The User recognizes and agrees that the Society is not or will be the owner of any informations and/or materials sent and storaged on the Plataform by consequence of the Services.

  1. Communication preferences

The Society can contact the User through electronic notification send by email for the electronic address informed by the User on the moment of registration, with the aim of warning divulgations related to his account.

  1. Services cancelation

The society preserves the right to suspend or cancell the access of Users to the Plataform in case of any behavior in disagreement with the conditions established on these Use Terms.

In case of Services cancelation, all the User data will be removed from the Plataform after a period of 5 days, not incuring in any type of responsibility by part of the Society.

  1. Security

The Society guarantee to take all the measures that enable to offer a safe environment during the use and access to the Plataform.

In case of suspect or unauthorized activity on the User account or in case of losing thelogin and password, the Society must be immediately communicated by email, sent by the following email address: .

The User that created the account and provided his data will be designated as the owner account, being his effective registration and definition of access level dependent on determination and/or the Licensed Company approval. The access to the owner User’s data account will be done through the Plataform, through provision of the login and password provided when done the account registration. The owner User account will be responsible to update and keep the veracity of the informations related to the respective account.

  1. Warranty and responsability

The User understands that the Services are provided through the Plataform “in the state that it is right now” and “according to the disponibility”, and is not granted by the Society, in any hypothesis, that: (a) the Services will meet the User needs; (b) that the proccess and use of the Plataform wil be uninterrupted or free from errors; or (c) that the Plataform will be compatible or will work with any hardware, software, applications or services from others.

Unless if by any form established on the applicable legislation, the Society is not responsible by any special harms, incidentals, unexpected, indirects or reflexes related to the use of our Services, unless they occur due to fraud, fault, flaw, omission or negligence by part of the Society, confirmed by court decision transited in judged.

The Society equally will not be responsible by exclusion, modification, destruction, loss or failure in the information storage of the User inserted or storaged on the Plataform.

  1. Various Provisitions

These Use Terms represent all the adjustments between the User and the Society about the Service provisions, being agreed that this access is also subject to licensing agreement done with the Licensed Company, rules that revoke all and any agreements, conditions, warranty, contracts and memos previously, they beign oral or written, expressed or implicits. The Use Terms are applyed to the Plataform, equally all and any new functionality or improvement that by any chance come to be inserted to it.

In hypothesis of any part of the present Use Terms come to be judicially declared as null or unenforceable, will be remained into force all the others provisions that haden’t been declared as null or unenforceable.

Any question or controversy originated or related to these Use Terms will be elucidated on Foro da Comarca de São Paulo, in exclusion of any others, not importing how privileged those come to be.

These Terms can be modified by the Society from times to times, for several reasons, remaining assured to the User that any substantial modification to its content will be communicated to the User by email or through a warning posted on the Plataform.

By accepting the present Use Terms and access the Plataform, the User declares to accept all the conditions here established, without any limitation or caveat. The User recognizes, still, that the Society can – to its exclusive criteria – to do reviews, updates and notifications to the present Use Terms.

In case you disagree, totally or partially, with the Use Terms, do not access or use the services.


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Política de Cookies

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