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Organizations chose Atlas as their board portal


Directors and executives took their company's governance digital with Atlas Governance.

Acesso instantâneo à informação, de qualquer dispositivo, a qualquer momento

Instant access to information, from any device, at any time

A board portal lets you instantaneously access materials, minutes of past meetings, financial statements, policies, procedures, strategic plans and other documents.


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Real information security

During these times of data protection laws and cyberattacks, e-mails have become obsolete for exchanging confidential information. Atlas Governance provides bank-level encryption as well as watermarks with the user’s name on all pages of minutes of meetings.

Easier preparation for meetings

With Atlas, the process of preparing for board meetings is reduced from hours to just minutes. The software enables the governance area to schedule meetings, make available materials and request votes, and all indexed for future searches. Directors always have at hand the latest version of the support materials for each meeting.

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01Preparing meetings

With Atlas, a complete meeting can be put together in under three minutes, including agenda, support materials, decisions and notices to directors.

02Provide materials

With just one click, directors have access to all materials consolidated in a book with unique page numbering, watermarks on all pages and 100% interactive, with text highlighting and digital notes enabled.

03Monitor results

Follow a meeting's decisions and resolutions through actions and votes.

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Better use of advisers' time

Consolidated, up-to-date, instantly available information, no need to search different versions of different materials in different emails and folders.

The platform also allows for pre-meeting collaboration, enabling you to anticipate operational questions and comments, and focus meeting time on strategic issues.

Information indexing and follow-up

Atlas indexes all information stored, including the contents of attachments and documents. Any director can conduct AI-optimized searches and quickly find what they are looking for.


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