Raise the cybersecurity level
of your organization's general meeting

In addition to increasing the engagement of your entity's ordinary and extraordinary general meetings, Atlas AGM software ensures the security and integrity of information.

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Eleve o nível de cibersegurança das Assembleias de sua entidade
Certificações escudo

Atlas Governance and its servers have achieved the main certifications in the market

  • ISO 27.001, 27.701, 27.017, 27.018
  • ISO 22.301, 20.000 and 9.001
  • SSAE16, SOC I, II and III
  • CSA STAR Gold level
  • And others

Large organizations choose Atlas platforms

  • Atlas ccr
  • Atlas cea
  • Atlas csn
  • Atlas cvc
  • Atlas itaipu
  • Atlas eletrobras
  • Atlas rchlo
  • Atlas fleury
  • Atlas Banco Inter
  • Atlas mrv
  • Atlas h albert einstein
  • Atlas iguatemi
  • Atlas votorantim

Atlas AGM cybersecurity

Learn about some of the Atlas AGM security tools for your entity.

Single tenant bank and cryptography

Single tenant bank and cryptography

Atlas AGM is the only single tenant platform on the market. This means that your data is stored in an isolated bank, and it is encrypted with AES 256 technology in bank and TLS 1.3 in transit.

Audit trail

All activities carried out within the Atlas AGM are recorded in its two audit trails. The access trail records all attempts to access the system, successful or not, as well as its source IP. The content trail records all insertion, editing, and deletion of information from within the portal.

Audit trail
Double authentication factor

Double authentication factor

In addition to user and password, access to Atlas AGM depends on a token generated by the portal, which can be sent by SMS, WhatsApp or voice call.

Granular permission

Within Atlas AGM, you can manage object access and permission. Define access and view profile by entity and by general meetings among users in Atlas AGM.

Granular permission
Remote revocation of sessions

Remote revocation of sessions

In case of loss or theft of your device, you can log into your account from another device and end sessions that were active on the lost or stolen device.

Auto backup

In Atlas AGM you can also download your backups directly through the system, without the need to request them from customer service. This process is simple and fast.

Auto backup

Keeping your data safe is a priority for Atlas

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