Always have the most up-to-date version of the atlas Bluebook meeting materials

The portal gathers all the data and materials of the meeting into a file with single pageant and watermark on all pages: the Atlas Bluebook. In this document you will have access to the most updated version of all information regarding the meeting of the Board of Directors or committee.

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Increase or engage two participants in your Assemblies
Convenient, traceable and safe

Convenient, traceable and safe

Bluebook converts all files into a single watermark PDF, identifying the downloadable user. This makes reading easier and more fluid, and keeping information traceable in the event of any security incident.

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Make appointments and notes in Bluebook and share with meeting attendees. If any material with annotations is replaced or deleted, Bluebook saves your personal annotated pages.

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Versioning and history

Versioning and history

Whenever a Bluebook material is deleted or updated, Atlas GOV creates a new version of the book, allowing you to see the history and changes of the information. The portal also has a log that records which user made the changes and at what date and time.

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