The Ultimate Solution to the Digital Transformation of Governance

Manage your Boards

Create and manage the activities of all the committees across your organization in a single environment

Hold Meetings

Prepare and call complete meetings in less than 3 minutes, including agendas, support materials and calendars of participants with attendance control.


Always have the most updated version of meeting materials with Atlas Bluebook

Bluebook eng

Unique page numbering

Atlas Bluebook is a board book that consolidates all meeting data and materials in a single file with unique page numbering


To ensure information traceability and security, Bluebook converts all documents into a single PDF file and adds a watermark to all pages.

Scratch n’ Highlight

Make notes and highlights in the Bluebook and share them with meeting participants. If any material with notes is replaced or deleted, Bluebook automatically saves your annotated pages.

Integração com Videoconferência

Integration with Videoconferencing tools

With Atlas it’s possible to create meeting rooms for videoconferences via Microsoft Teams or Zoom integrated in the portal.


Minutes generated automatically by the system

Organization, board, date, time, venue, participants, agenda, decisions and other information already input into the system automatically make up the basis of the minutes.

Integration with electronic signature

With Atlas you will be able to sign Meeting Minutes electronically

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Search with AI and OCR

Search for terms, documents and words both in the system and within files. All optimized by artificial intelligence.

Management of strategic projects

Monitor the progress of actions through strategic projects and management of unified projects.

Organize meetings, take decisions and manage projects through AtlasProjects

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Stock Management

Manage and monitor the implementation of collegiate decisions.

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Electronic polls

Record deliberations, with user record, date, time and electronically voted subject.

Votações eletrônicas

Granular Permissioning

Atlas enables you to manage access to any object in the system. As such, you can create restricted agenda for participants with conflicts of interest or who should not have access to certain matters.

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Send messages securely

Using e-mail poses risks and allows information to circulate in unsecure environments. Atlas messaging center encrypts communications both in the database and in transit.

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Draft notices using Atlas

The portal provides a notice board that registers reads by each member of the board.

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Organize your documents using the Knowledge Base

File documents, charters, agreements, policies, insurance policies and other files of interest to directors.

Organize seus documentos utilizando a Base de conhecimento

Take notes of meetings and relevant topics

Atlas Notes makes storing and sharing your notes easier.

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